Accessori di abbigliamento a Firenze - Cantini Ties


Are your ties made by hand or machine?

Cantini's production is made by hand by skilled workers highly specialized. The large production specifically developed collections for distribution chains is made by machine.

Where is the silk you use for your products coming from?

It's necessary to differentiate yarn and fabric. The best yarn comes exclusively from China. This yarn is then woven into silk fabric by silk mills which in Italy are mainly located in the Como area.

Is it possible to wash ties?

It's possible to use dry cleaning but the result it's seldom perfect, especially in the case of deep stains. To allow water washing the tie must be completely disassembled to separate filling and lining from fabric and then reassembled. This operation being very complicated is not suggested.

Where should the tie tip fall?

Once the knot is done, the tie tip should be exactly at he belt level and it should never, repeat never, be positioned inside the trousers.

How to tie a bowtie?

It's the same procedure we use for the shoe strings. The eventual difficulty lies on the ribbon harmoniously.


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